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Developing an intellectual property strategy can be a difficult task. Let me help you get started!

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About IP Pal

The world of intellectual property is a complex and segmented place. Information is hard to come by resulting in a lack of awareness among scholars. Recent news articles illustrated conflicts between Dutch technical universities and students, highlighting intellectual ownership issues. Resolving these issues needs a pull from the government, as well as a push through increasing awareness on intellectual property.

IP Pal is a web-based tool aiming to increase awareness among scholars, and helps them find the right information, tools, and people for their specific situation. IP Pal helps you get started in developing their IP strategy and teaches the fundamentals of intellectual property. Hopefully, you become knowledgeable to pro-actively and confidently address intellectual ownership.

The contents of this webpage are to be used for educational purposes only. IP Pal advices to take a professional consult when proceding any further activities related to intellectual property.


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